Application areas

Application areas

Specific sectors require special tooling solutions.

Although FIWEC covers the complete range of tools and services for the wood , plastic and composite materials processing , there are specific areas where FIWEC has a leading market position by decades of experience and know -how and high problem-solving skills .


Competent partner of all major automotive suppliers The challenge of supplying constantly optimized tools for the serial production of interior-parts for the automotive industry is perfectly adopted by FIWEC. Therefore FIWEC is the main supplier of all considerable manufacturers in this segment.


Innovative sales specialist on the market FIWEC has attended the industrial furniture production from the beginning and is today the main supplier of many large production plants.


Comprehensive Know-How For the two divisions of caravan production, side panel and interior work, FIWEC has gathered a comprehensive know-how and offers special tool solutions in this sector as a standard range, always considering the change in material composition and production technology.

Fiber materials

Economical tool concepts The machining of fiber materials, from panels for ceiling-systems to fiber-cement construction parts, demands highest lifetime of the diamond cutting edge, but also of the tool body. By its long lasting experience in this sector, FIWEC has increased the lifetime of this tools continuosely and offers the most economic tool-concepts to the customer.

Stairs production

For decades, FIWEC has been supplying staircase construction communities and their manufacturing companies with all the tools needed for the production of wooden or compact material staircases, from drills and milling cutters to mini tine tools and angle or touch aggregates. That is why our application engineers have outstanding consulting expertise in this field.